April 15, 2020

Resourceful – like a Goat!

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These past few weeks have been stressful and absolutely challenging. The daily worldwide progression of COVID-19 and the economic and social disruption is leaves in its wake is overwhelming. We pray for those directly impacted by this nasty virus and grieve with those who have lost a loved one. In awe we watch our grocery store employees, delivery personnel, first responders, health care teams, utility companies, and all other people essential to keeping our community going. We can’t thank you enough.

Lately I’ve been wondering how long this is all going to last. Although I am an optimist, I do believe these stressful times will be around for a while. As this new reality is sinking in, I have started to shift my focus from the lack of resources we are all experiencing to a mindset of creation and how I can become more resourceful.

One of the framed photos hanging in my office is the image here of goats sitting in a tree – it is one of my all-time favorite photos. Let the idea of what these goats are doing sink in for a moment. It speaks volumes about being resourceful in trying times. These average goats have no business climbing trees. Goats don’t have wings, they don’t have claws, they don’t even have thumbs. What they do have is a strong “WHY”. If they lived where there was an endless supply of green grass, they would have never been forced to try something new – like climb a tree.

Stressful and trying times introduce us to the person we really are.

Allow these unpredictable times to introduce you to the person that you really are. I guarantee you that you will be surprised at how strong and resourceful you are. If goats can learn to climb a tree, just imagine what humans can figure out when times get tough.

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