October 22, 2019

The Scariest Ghost Story You’ll Ever Hear

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Halloween seems an appropriate time to tell ghost stories. As adults, we usually don’t fear ghost stories quite like we did when we were young. But the story I’m going to tell you is the scariest one you are ever going to hear! Unlike most ghost stories - this story gets scarier the older you get.

The story begins many years from now; and the main character is YOU.

You are lying on your deathbed, hours away from the end of your life. Suddenly, surrounding you are ghosts - and lots of them. These are not normal ghosts. These ghosts represent your unacted upon ideas, your unrealized dreams, your undeveloped talents, and your unachieved goals that you could have had throughout your life. The only way these things could have come into reality is through you, but for whatever reason you never pursued them, and now they are revealing themselves to you.

One by one, the ghosts stare at you. Some have large, angry eyes; upset at you for not doing what you knew you could have done. Other’s eyes are filled with sorrow and regret knowing that your life could have been so much more fulfilling if you would have just acted when you knew you should have.

Suddenly, one speaks up “We all chose to come to you. We chose you because you were the only person who could have given us life. We trusted you; knowing that by coming to you and choosing you that we would become a reality. But you never acted. Because you never followed through with us - the ideas, dreams, talents, and goals – we will now die with you, and the world will never know what could have been.”

The reality is, we all have dreams, talents, ideas, and goals that only we can bring to life. If we choose not to work to bring them to life; to reality, they will be forever lost, and so is the person we could have become.

The best definition of Hell that I’ve ever heard is this: At the end of your life the person you are meets the person you could have become.

One of my greatest desires is to help others live to the great potential that is inside them. My hope is that this ghost story scares you into action, to take control of your life, and live with purpose.

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