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What is 6 Months to Success?

Using the ground-breaking 6 Months 2 Success App, website, and complete Goal Achievement Program, Members work together as “Goal Success Partners” and as teams called "Goal Groups" to support and keep each other focused on reaching their goals. Group Members meet in person on a monthly basis to provide SUPPORT and gauge their progress. They also receive additional support and direction from their “Goal Guide” who is there to lead and support each Member on their entire journey of achieving their LIFE'S BIGGEST GOALS.

What We are Not

There are countless goal-setting programs and apps on the market that merely show people a clever way to write down their goals, but that’s all they do. You are then left ALONE to try and stay committed and focused until you reach your goals. It’s no wonder these other programs still have over a 90% failure rate.

6 Months 2 Success is different.

What people need is a goal achievement program not another goal setting program. People need something that works: a program that gives clients the tools, knowledge, and especially, the SUPPORT to reach their life’s biggest goals. 6 Months 2 Success is that program.

The Process

Are you ready to reach your potential? Here’s how 6 Months 2 Success will HELP YOU.

Join a Group

Connect with a team of like-minded people as ambitious as you are. Goal Groups meet monthly in person, as well as CONNECT DAILY through the 6M2S App to share progress, receive feedback, and to HELP YOU stay accountable to YOU and the goals you set.

Self-Assessment & Goal-Setting

Upon joining a 6 Months 2 Success Goal Group you will be provided your own personal Goal Guide to assist you on every step of your success journey. You will also be given access to the 6M2S App and website. Using these tools will give you clarity and direction; first, by completing comprehensive self-assessment exercises. From these exercises you will come to realize what is truly important to you. They are designed to help you choose the goals that will make the BIGGEST DIFFERENCES IN YOUR LIFE and give you a crystal-clear vision of what your future will be. Along the way you will also learn the strategies and philosophies contained in the 6M2S Program that will help bring your goals and dreams to reality. 

Goal Success Partners

Each month you will be assigned a different Goal Success Partner to work with from your Goal Group. Using the 6M2S App and website, Goal Success Partners can communicate and ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER throughout the day to help each other stay focused and motivated. Using reminders and alerts, the app notifies partners of the other's daily activities, adding an additional layer of personalized encouragement and accountability to help you stay focused and complete your tasks.


At 6 Months 2 Success we believe that most people are only a few key ingredients away from being able to fulfill their goals and live the life of their dreams. The I.G.O.T.S.M.A.R.T.E.R.™ Goal Achievement Program gives goal setters those missing ingredients - making ALL THE DIFFERENCE. The I.G.O.T.S.M.A.R.T.E.R.™ Program not only allows you to know what you truly want, but it gives you the tools, knowledge and support to actually achieve your goals.

12 Week Sprints 

The 6 Month 2 Success Program uses the philosophy of 12 Week Sprints, teaching you how to work on both long- and short-term goals with the same intensity and urgency. It shows you how to break down long-term goals into small manageable tasks that will enable you to ACHIEVE THOSE GOALS. Through its use of weekly and monthly milestone measurements, evaluations and readjustment techniques, achieving your goals is only a matter of time. 

The Journey 2 Success

Success is not a destination, it is a journey that never ends.
At 6 Months 2 Success we believe success is something you strive for throughout your entire life; however, we only allow commitments of 6 month intervals. This ensures the program truly is a great fit for you to achieve your life’s biggest goals. 6 Months 2 Success Goal Groups are teams — not only requiring each member to be committed to the team, but to themselves. The program works best when each team member is committed to their success and the success of each member. This 6 month commitment limit ensures that all members of the 6 Months 2 Success Goal Group are fully committed to success.

Love the Program?

You’re welcome to repeat the program as many times as you like. We encourage this to build upon your goals and achieve the best version of yourself.

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