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The principles, philosophies, and accountability intricately built into every aspect of the 6 Months 2 Success Program and App have not happened by chance. It is a program comprised of a lifetime of study and determination to succeed not only financially and professionally, but in every area of life.

6 Months 2 Success was inspired by the journey of climbing out of the lowest of circumstances and reaching phenomenal life achievements. Nelson Tressler, our founder, overcame an overwhelmingly challenging childhood; he suffered through extreme physical abuse, battled with a learning disability, and managing the inherent hardships of growing up on welfare. He was also burdened with an unbelievably difficult family circumstance that contributed to prejudice, bullying, and hate.

"You are a product of your choices, not a victim of your circumstances."

Making the choice to give his hardships new meaning, Nelson has not only climbed out of the lowest of circumstances, but also upward. He said, "As dire as my circumstances were, my current circumstances could not be any further from where I once was. Flashing forward to present day, I am married to my best friend and wife of almost 25 years. Together we are raising three productive and accomplished sons. I have been the top producer worldwide for a top five commercial real estate firm. I have started over 10 businesses; and now have enough passive cash flow to support my family and spend the time with them the way I once dreamed of. I am enjoying this great lifestyle with also the time to focus on accomplishing some personal ambitions like running marathons and training for century bike races."

6 Months 2 Success has developed a program that exponentially increases the likelihood of people living the life they are capable of by providing the tools, knowledge, and support needed to achieve their biggest goals in life!

I have personally seen the 6 Months 2 Success program change the course of its Member’s lives; giving them the clarity and direction they were searching for. Following these principles will guarantee a happier and more productive life.

It is my vision to make this world a better place one person and one inspiring goal at a time. Goals not only change the current generation, they also change the generations that follow.

Nelson L. Tressler, Founder

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Our Philosophy

Most people never accomplish their biggest goals in life. Consequently, they never reach their full potential. We’ve developed a program that teaches people exactly how to take action and live the life that they were destined to live.

Things only have the meaning I am willing to give them.

One of the great things in life is that I get to assign meaning to everything that happens to me. I can find a positive meaning in almost every life situation if I truly desire to seek the positive.

I am responsible for my success

The only person responsible for my success is me. I can’t blame anyone else or anything else for lack of success.

I am grateful in all things.

Even if I’m going through a difficult time there are ample things to be grateful for. The fact that I have a place to live and the time to review these philosophies means that I have a great deal to be grateful for.  I am more fortunate than countless other people on our planet. It just takes looking around and paying attention to realize how much there is to be grateful for.

Think progress - not perfection.

I seek continual progress; consistently trying to be better than I once was. Seeking perfection is not motivating, rewarding, or attainable.

My past is not my future.

Success, or failure, in my past has nothing to do with what will occur or who I will be in the future. That story still needs to be written, and I am the author.

Be true to myself.

My goals should be my goals. I do not try to achieve goals because the world, or another person, has convinced me those goals are admirable.

I can’t fail because I never give up.

Quitting is not an option. I can readjust; I can take longer if necessary, but quitting is never acceptable. If I never quit, I will never fail.

If it is not challenging, it is not worth it.

Goals are meant to be challenging and to help me grow. If what I am working toward does not make me feel uncomfortable or push my current abilities, it is probably not worth pursuing.

I dare to dream big dreams.

I seek large and audacious goals that will make a difference in my life and the lives of others.

I am willing to pay the price of my goals in advance.

Worthwhile goals require me to pay the price of achievement in advance. That form of payment takes many forms, often appearing as an investment of time, energy, and sacrifice. I am willing, and I expect, to do all the work in advance in order to achieve my goals.

Success is predictable.

Success is not left to happenstance, it is predictable. If I don’t currently have the knowledge or skills to achieve something, it is certainly possible to acquire that knowledge. Ultimately, I know exactly what I need to do, or not do, to achieve my goals. Success is not easy, but it is simple.

I am where I am because I choose to be here.

I am exactly where I choose to be; good or bad, my choices have put me here. If I want to be somewhere else, all I need to do is to start making the choices that will get me where I want to be.

Time is my greatest resource and should never be wasted or taken for granted.

There is nothing more valuable than my time and I guard it accordingly. When it comes to potential roadblocks to success, wasting time is at the very top of the list. I value every moment of each day and seek to use it wisely.

If I write the goal down, it’s done!

Once I commit to a goal, I will do what it takes to accomplish it and make it come to fruition.

No excuses, justifications, or whining.

Nothing worthwhile was ever accomplished through justifications, excuses, or whining about roadblocks or other undesired circumstances. That is victim language, and I am not a victim.

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