April 13, 2020

Moving Forward with Hope

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I don’t know about you, but this past month with quarantine and all the other issues created by COVID-19, has put me into a funk! Yesterday I had a great Easter. I realize not every religion celebrates Easter, but regardless of religious beliefs,anyone can benefit from some positivity.

I imagine the world waking up that very first Monday, after the first Easter over 2000 years ago – everything changed forever. Jesus had risen, and for His disciples and those who knew Him, they had the knowledge that no matter what else happened in their lives, the victory over death was secure. For the first time in human history we knew that we were going to win!

As I sit here today, the Monday after Easter, thinking about the world and the current situation we’re in, battling this virus and other hardships it has created, I feel positive and I know that we will be victorious.

The older I get, the more I see this principle repeated: People don’t work to reach their hopes and dreams when they don’t believe in the outcome – or don’t believe that what they are working toward will truly happen. In this state, they will give up or quit.

However, when people know the outcome; when they become assured of their victory, it's virtually impossible for them to give up on their hopes and dreams – their goals.

Regardless of your goals, your desired outcomes are still possible if you don’t give up – don’t quit. I know this for certain: with enough time and enough energy, you can accomplish anything! In these trying times – move forward with hope.

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